July 15, 2005

"Laugh Out Loud" At Outlaugh

Gay and lesbian comics have predated Stonewall. Our community has always had a special gift for humor. It has always been a useful tool in dealing with an oppressive and indifferent society. But, since the 1990's this area of comedy has really begun to find its legs, and it will reach a new high with Outlaugh - the first gay & lesbian comedy festival in the country.

The event will be held at highways Performance Space in Santa Monica.

Hosted by the Gay Mafia, it will feature a variety of comedy styles — Stand up, sketch, and improvisation. The program each night will also showcase the diversity of comics, style, and material in our community.

Lea Delaria will headline the event with her well known style and analysis. Also currently scheduled to appear: Ant, Bill Smith, The Gay Mafia, The Nellie Olesons, Jason Dudey, Jen Slusser, Stephanie Howard, Page Hurwitz, Jerry Calumn, Andre Kelley, Roy Cruz, and Drag Magician — Cashetta.

The event takes place July 28-31, 2005 at Highways Performance Space. 1651 18th Street, in Santa Monica. For more information and to purchase tickets go to www.outlaughfestival.com or call 1-800-595-4849 for tickets.